RE<ORDS / Re<ords012

fron+cover. D side. F side.

"Acrylic Pop/Artistic Touch in Japan."
Presented by Records: a record label that just exists in iPhone/iPodTouch.

A: How to Records.
B: Space Cobra. acrylic on canvas. 1992.
C: Pink Smog. acrylic on paper. 2000.
D: Lush Rush Tiger. acrylic on canvas. 1992.
E: A History of T.B.B. acrylic on paper. 1999.
F: A Future Accident. acrylic on paper. 1995.
G: Portrait of Duca. acrylic on canvas. 1998.
H: Half time music, Records and a Guy. performed by Delaware.
I: A Certain Day.  acrylic on paper. 2000.
J: Hi-ho,Yo-yo. acrylic on paper. 1996.
K: Panda,Porn,Oke. acrylic on canvas. 1998.
L: Composition by Camouflage, Records and a Guy. acrylic on paper. 1997.
M: Cobalt Bear. acrylic on canvas. 1992.
N: Epilogue, Records and a Guy(reprise). performed by Delaware.
O: How to enjoy MAG.

May 2010

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